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97 x angesehen'I begin the day with writing my name on the sign-in sheet so they know I haven’t gone missing.'
124 x angesehen'So on Broadway, everyone does their own make up. This is me at work!'
137 x angesehen'Gigi is all put together! Now I just have to get dressed!'
127 x angesehen'I’m all ready! I wish everyone luck and off we go. (I love this cute little ensemble.)'
134 x angesehen'Gigi gets an updo!'
133 x angesehen'Now we have to age Gigi a bit, thanks to the magic of makeup. Of course, I also get a new dress. (This is one of my favorites.)'
137 x angesehen'Mr. Corey Cott and I take our bows, and I couldn't be happier. This is totally my Audrey Hepburn moment.'
152 x angesehen'Back into my dressing room, and I’m done! Off to sleep and do it all over again.'
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